Experience Design

We are master storytellers. We design experiences that create connections with your team, your customers and your community. Whether in-person or digital, each event production that we produce is an opportunity to create memorable, long lasting experiences that build your brand and your community.

About Us

What we do

We produce live events for some of the most innovative and best love companies in the world.


A dedication to storytelling combined with an arsenal of technological solutions and live production knowhow.

Stories create relationships.

Your story is at the forefront of the production we develop and execute for you helping you build the community around your brand.

Live Production Expertise

Live production can be scary, but it is in our blood and part of the DNA of our organisation.

Responsive Technology.

We are consistently testing new technologies and developing our own to create new opportunities for our clients.

A Lab of the Future.

LXXIX is a Laboratory for testing new technologies and production methods; Our clients and productions benefit from our curiosity for innovation.

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